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Michael Balasko MPB at gty.ci.henderson.nv.us
Mon Dec 10 16:56:12 UTC 2001

Just a stupid question, but why not IMAP?

Mike Balasko CCDA, CCNP, MCNE 5, MCP, MCSE2K, SCP, N+, A+
City of Henderson
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What if the Hokey-Pokey is really what it  is ALL about? 

>>> DRAKED at upstate.edu 12/10/01 07:43AM >>>
Can someone explain the logic behind popping messages in GroupWise??  We've
been doing some tests and it looks like it just checks the set number of
messages, ie, 50, and confirms that are not on the local pc and downloads
them.  If you have received more than 50 message (in this example) you will
not get them unless you specify that you want 100 messages.

My perception of how this would work was quite different.  I thought that
it would flag a message as downloaded and then exclude it from the list to
check; if I downloaded 50 messages they would all be marked and the next
time that I popped my mail it would exclude those from the list that my
client would retrieve, thereby getting the older messages.

Also, it seems that if you change the number to download it will get
everything as if it were new.  For example, if I downloaded 50 messages and
then realized I needed to get more and changed it to 100 to retrieve the
older messages, when I change it back to 50 it will get the original 50 in

We've only been testing this for a few days, but are anticpating some heavy
pop users being added to our system.  I would like to know the algorithm
that gw uses for popping mail so that we can determine what we should use
for our default settings.  I am afraid that when I change it the existing
pop users are going to get a bunch of old messages they already have, so I
only want to do this once!!!



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