GW6 or GW6 SP1

Monica Jackson jacksonm at
Mon Dec 10 17:40:20 UTC 2001


Although I have been following the posts on the GWIA abend issue, I am still uncertain what upgrade version we should apply. My understanding is GW6 with no SP lacks features but does cause abends. SP1 will cause GWIA abends. The beta patch for GWIA will fix the abend problem but in turn introduce POA abends.

We will be upgrading GW 5.5.4 on a NW 5.1 SP2a single server this weekend. Does this config sound reasonably?  Someone mentioned not having any issues with GWIA SP1 on NW 5.1 SP3. Someone also mentioned running the GWIA under a secondary domain? Are both of these actions necessary?

Thanks kindly,
Monica Jackson
The CNA Corp.

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