[ngw] Large amount of INDEX files

David Gerisch DEGerisch at co.tulare.ca.us
Mon Dec 10 21:07:30 UTC 2001

Pardon the late reply, but I would like to add a warning.  It is not necessarily safe to delete them all, and rebuild.  After the indexing has finished, you can delete all the index files older than that run of the complete index rebuild - but don't just delete them all.  I did once, and lost all my documents in my document library.

>>> bjonkman at city.toronto.on.ca 11-19-2001 8:24:32 AM >>>
The incantation is "CTRL+SHIFT+Q" on a GW 5.x POA.  If you perform a standalone GWCHECK for structure against the entire postoffice many of your outdated index files should be deleted.  Apparently, it's also safe to delete them all, then rebuild them with "CTRL+SHIFT+Q" (see <http://support.novell.com/cgi-bin/search/tidfinder.cgi?10050740>).


>>> Tom.Miller at nara.gov 2001/11/19 07:42:33 >>>
Rebuild them.  From the POA screen, hit F10, Actions, Quickfinder, Delete and Regenerate All Quickfinder Indexes.  That's a GWG POA; the verbage is slightly different on a GW5x POA.  It's CPU intensive, so don't do it during core hours.

>>> y.tan at ecu.edu.au 11/18/2001 8:20:25 PM >>>
To all,

I am running GW5.5 on NW5.0 server. One of the PO which is 11.5 GB in size has \ofuser\index directory which is 2.3 GB in size.  Also there is 1011 index files. 

Is this normal ???  If NOT, how do I clean this up ??

I have read the you can use <CTRL>+Q from the POA screen to start a re-index. Will this clean up the space and number of files issue. Any experience on what effect the re-index will gave on users ? 


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