[ngw] GWIA Domain xfer failing

Gordon Ross G.Ross at ccw.gov.uk
Mon Dec 10 21:14:00 UTC 2001

There are bugs in CLIB that affect NLMs access to files, especally on
remote servers. I'd really recommend you go to SP3a - it's fairly good.
(And I'm usually critical of Novell's patches)


Gordon Ross,
Network Manager,
Countryside Council for Wales

>>> bakerlj at dhfs.state.wi.us 12/10/01 07:14pm >>>
What bugs? I am just moving all my Gwise to NW51 servers at SP1.

>>> G.Ross at ccw.gov.uk 12/10/01 01:05PM >>>
First off, upgrade the NW51 boxes to either SP2 or SP3. There are bugs
in SP1 which affects Gwise.

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