[ngw] NetWare 5.1 & GW Pager Gateway (4.1 v2)

David Gerisch DEGerisch at co.tulare.ca.us
Mon Dec 10 21:25:56 UTC 2001

We have it running.  Sending 60 - 80 pages a day through it.  It was causing us grief when the same server was running as our DHCP server - both services are somewhat 'real-time' sensitive, and did not play well together.  The Admin program to set the thing up does not play well with Windows newer than Windows 3.  It seems to go into some loop that uses 95% of the available CPU.  But if you run it on Win 3, it is fine.  I take screen shots of the various settings pages whenever we make changes - just to be on the same side should I have to rebuild from scratch.

I did find and install some patches that (I believe) I found out on the developer.novell.com site.

The only funky thing we have to watch for, is if it loses connection to the domain server.  If it does, it will attempt to reconnect, but it won't disconnect the last connection it made.  So the number of logged in users starts to climb.  Even though those users don't work at anything, they are consumers of resources.  So if we see this happening, we have to shutdown the pager gateway and start it back up again.  The massive quantity of logged in users will start disconnecting themselves, and eventually things will return to normal.

Sure, it is a bad thing to overload the server like this - but look at the fun side of it: take a screen shot when it is overloaded, and the next time a Microsoft rep comes by, show him the picture of your NetWare Console Monitor where Current Connections = 25,000 +

Then ask him if *his* servers can handle 25,000 simultaneous connections. <evil grin>

David Gerisch, Senior Network Specialist
A.C.S. / Tulare County Data Processing

>>> EMAIL at co.pierce.wa.us 11-19-2001 1:27:23 PM >>>
Any brave souls out there still using the GroupWise pager gateway?  Got it running on NetWare 5.1?  Any particular tricks to making this scenario work?  I haven't tried this yet but am wondering if anyone else has been successful so I know what to expect.

(Yes, Morris, I know that pager gateway is no longer supported.  But, you know, look at how stable it has been - it's been working like a champ in our environment for years and we prefer its "knowns" and stability over the unknowns of sending pages out over the internet.  I really wish Novell would reconsider and bring back the pager gateway.  :-)

Rochelle A. Adsitt
Pierce County Information Services

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