Blue Screen of Death

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Mon Dec 10 22:05:18 UTC 2001

You might try running at a different screen resolution, different refresh rate or different color level.  We actually had an issue with running at 1024x768 and True Color.  As long as we kept the colors down we had no problems.  This was, however, on a different version of GroupWise with a different video card.  But if you have narrowed it down to possibly the video card, try these and see if they make a difference. Doesn't sound like it would be too long before you saw a difference.

Good Luck!
Julene Lucas
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>>> CMolina at 12/07/01 06:56AM >>>

Hi Everyone!

We have been getting a lot of GPF and the blue screens ever since we upgraded to GW6.0

We have tried every thing including replacing the video cards because of the GPFs said that the conflict was with the Graphic Display.  ATI did have a problem with their cards and recalled them. (Of course they only told us that after we tried tons of work arounds they gave us and none worked)

We also had upgraded McAfee virus scan to v4.5.1 and had some new problems with that. They sent up a service pack.

Everyone is upset because of all the new problems and one person found that if they don't open GroupWise they don't crash all day.

Any suggestions out there.  Thanks a lot for your input!

We are on GW6.0.0, Novell 5.1, SP2, Novell client 3.3, Win98 2E

Chuck Molina
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