[ngw] Script for mass creation/deletion of GroupWise accounts?

John Whitehorn John.Whitehorn at nottingham.ac.uk
Tue Dec 11 08:41:17 UTC 2001

I have an early version of a VB program I'm working on to add GroupWise account to NDS ones, it is very specific to our tree, but it may be easy to modify, I can post the code if it is of any help. I'm a little annoyed that it has to be client based, my NDS creation is via an NLM, which is much easier to manage.


John Whitehorn
Academic Computing Services
Information Services Directorate
The University of Nottingham
University Park

>>> Roger.Gill at maf.govt.nz 10/12/2001 21:08:08 >>>
Does anyone know of a script that can be used for the mass creation/deletion of GroupWise account in the sam manner that uimport is used for creating NetWare account?

many thanks in advance.

Roger Gill, CNE MCSE
LAN Administrator
gen-i Ltd

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