[ngw] GWIA bad message pegs CPU on NT

Yannick Biloque ybiloque at europarl.eu.int
Tue Dec 11 08:39:17 UTC 2001

Same problem here with 5.5EP SP1, 2, 3. We have an incident open with Novell and the case is reported to development.
Have switched to NW5.1 and running like a charm since.

>>> tvissoc at scitexdpi.com 10/12/01 23:11:37 >>>
I've had problems periodically with GWIA on NT.  GW6SP1.  NT Agents. 
GWIA will peg CPU.  I cleared the queues and started dropping messages
into \receive.  The first one pegged the CPU.  I have saved the message
and was wondering if anyone could look at it and see if there is
anything about the message that would create problems.



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