One post office not sending or recieving updates

Tom Miller Tom.Miller at
Tue Dec 11 12:36:57 UTC 2001

Hi All,

One of my GW 6 post offices won't send or receive any updates.  If I create a user on that post office, users in other post offices cannot see him/her in their address books, but the new user can open his mail and work fine and see himself in his post office's address book.  The POA doesn't show any of the normal indicatations that any admin changes are in progress, either.  Here's what I've done so far:
1.  rebuild the PO and domain
2. rename wpsc* and ms* directories and restarted the MTA and POA (multiple times)
3.  regrafted the domain and po
4.  run full dsrepair on the server in question, checked replica status, sync, etc (all is well according to dsrepair and NDS Manager

The only change this server has seen recently has been a hardware upgrade over the past weekend.  This is one of many servers that has received the upgrade, and I don't think it's related, only that I'm noticing the problem now.

So, what now?  Novell hasn't been helpful so far.

Tom Miller
National Archives
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