[ngw] Backup Software

Gordon Ross G.Ross at ccw.gov.uk
Tue Dec 11 15:23:52 UTC 2001

We also use BackupExec, after ditching ArcServe. It's not as "pretty" as
ArcServe, and lacks a copy function, but it just works. I also found it
a lot quicker than ArcServe when backing up remote servers. (Plus you
get the remote agents free with BE)

Download BE from the Veritas website, you get something like a 30 or 60
day trial. Latest versions can also read ArcServe tapes.

Finally, BE is the only software that works with the new GWTSA in Gwise

Need any more reasons to move to BE ?


Gordon Ross,
Network Manager,
Countryside Council for Wales

>>> BobMarques at don.com 11/12/2001 15:12:42 >>>
Looking for info on what backup software seems to be
"the best" for Novell 5.x and GroupWise 5.x combinations.

What have you experienced ? Arcserve 7 ., Backup Exec or
some other option ?

I've been using Arcserve for 5 years and this latest version
is not that great. Support has been terrible. 24hrs+ for a return

Thanks for your help.


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