[ngw] GW disconnects

Dana Harrington harrinda at mctc.mnscu.edu
Wed Dec 12 01:49:46 UTC 2001


Just a comment.

I have noticed a high correlation here between GW issues and AOL.  Hmm, nothing new there.

This even includes web access.

AOL does not appear to be going away anytime soon, based on there continued subscriber base growth.

Wish I had a magic answer.



>>> "Joe Acquisto" <ACQUISTJ at lan.newpaltz.edu> 12/11/01 02:32PM >>>
Here's a weird one.  GW (5.5) desktop client (on win95) will disconnect
seemingly at random.  When that happens, cannot ping the GW server (by
IP), but can ping servers on the same subnet.

The user is running AOL (v 5.0).  I found all sorts of added
"adapters", in CP, Network, several AOL adapters, a VPN and a Mini WAN. 
When I delete these, and restart, GW works fine.  AOL, of course, forces
on the AOL and AOL dial up adapter, when it is run, and there seems to
be no force on this earth that can prevent it.  That was OK, as GW still
seemed to run.

This AM, user calls in, same issue.  Found the same set of "adapters"
in there.  Deleted, restarted, fine.  Run AOL, it puts back its
adapters.  But, so far, no hide nor hair of the others.  About an hour
ago, the user calls in, same issue.  Can't ping the GW server, but no
sign of the VPN or WAN adapter.

Now, I suppose this may be due top AOL forcing on parts of the winsock
2 update, such that the PC does not have it all, but thought I'd ask if
anyone has experienced this sort of foolishness before?

Joe Acquisto
SUNY New Paltz
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