[ngw] Free iFolder demo site

Trevor Harrison trevor at harrison.org
Wed Dec 12 03:19:10 UTC 2001

Richard Bliss wrote:

> Since I'm in marketing mode, I thougt I would share this as well. The 
> iFolder product that shipped last month with NetWare 6 can be used 
> free at ifolderdemo.novell.com. This gives you a place to store up to 
> 10 Mb of data for free. The client software means that your files are 
> all automatically backed up where ever you go and can be accessed via 
> the web or your desktop.
> Morris Blackham and I have been discussing a way to use iFolder to 
> provide a place for this list to post documents that could then be 
> accessed by anyone. We might put the iFolder link on the at 
> www.ngwlist.com <http://www.ngwlist.com>, but haven't talked to Trevor 
> about it. iFolder stores the files on a central server, so even if NGW 
> were to go down,
Are you saying that my server goes down often?  How dare you!

> the files would all still be accessible through ifolderdemo.novell.com.
> Again, let me know what you think and I promise to stop with the 
> marketing speak.
No problem, especially if you send the list admin spiffs every now and 
then... say on the 19th of this month.

However, about the storage of files... I don't have a problem with 
putting some stuff on ngwlist.com... I've got plenty of space.  Its not 
like hard drives cost much.  The only issue is setting up the web page 
and interface, which requires me to stop playing Tribes.


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