[ngw] Re: 5.5EP WebAccess stability

Yannick Biloque ybiloque at europarl.eu.int
Wed Dec 12 09:53:11 UTC 2001

Thank you Grant for this positive post.


>>> Grant.Hearps at tafe.tas.edu.au 11/12/01 23:22:53 >>>

We are running NW5.1 SP3a (with patches) with GW5.5EP3b using NetWare Enterprise Web Server 5.10a. We also use the latest WebAccess viewers in WAVIEW71.EXE.
We run this configuration on 2 different boxes (for redundancy), with domains local on each server, and have no problems with stability.
Just make sure that you have plenty of RAM in your servers.


Grant Hearps
IT - Support and Infrastructure
TAFE Tasmania
Grant.Hearps at tafe.tas.edu.au 

>>> ybiloque at europarl.eu.int 11/12/2001 6:46:35 pm >>>
We have stability problems with our 5.5EP Webaccess on NT4 with IIS4 and functional problem with the Unix implementation.
So I'm interested to know the strongest configuration at the stability point of view for an implementation on NW5.1 (HTTP server and SP or FTF version to use) and the bad/good experience.


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