[ngw] 8200 error on shared folder

Hieu Cao HieuC at grahamwebb.com
Wed Dec 12 17:41:17 UTC 2001

You might want to take a look a "visibility" setting as suggested in the TID#10064674.  

>>> JGOSNEY at genesco.com 12/12/01 09:20AM >>>
Hi all,

Using Groupwise 5.2.6 (yes, we're upgrading to v6 after the holidays), 6 post offices, 1 domain.

Have a user who has set up a shared folder with three other users.  One of these three is in the same post office as the owner and is having no problem.  The other two users are in different post offices (different from each other as well) and are getting the 8200 error when they try to access the shared folder.

They can see the shared folder (the red hand is visible) but get the error as soon as the click on it.  It doesn't appear to be a specific message initiating the error as we can move messages in and out of the share and the error still appears for these two users.  Also, it appears to not be folder specific either as we can rename the folder or create multiple shared folders and all of them give the same results when accessed by these two users.

I have used GWCHECK to {Analyze/Fix Databases | Structure | Fix problems} as well as to {Analyze/Fix Databases | Contents | Fix problems} according to the multiple TID's I've found in the knowledgebase pertaining to this issue.  This has not fixed the problem.

Anyone out there have any ideas?


Jim Gosney
Genesco (Information Systems)
NetWare Network Administrator
Groupwise Mail System Administrator

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