Lock the trash on a single user?

Rich Molettiere rmoletti at ops.org
Wed Dec 12 20:58:14 UTC 2001

Just had a meeting with a student's parents who need to see all mail sent/received by their daughter.  I know a rule can be set to send a copy sent and/or received to the parent's email account, but she might figure that out and delete it.

1. They are currently monitoring the email account by logging in via WebAccess.  The daughter has learned to purge the trash.  Question - Can I lock her trash and only her trash to prevent purging?

2. If no, on #1, their next request is to restrict the sending of email from that account to only the STAFF post office - the student sits in the STUDENT postoffice, Possible?

3. We currently, at parent request, have GWIA blocking email to/from GW to/from the internet - can I do this from the daughter account to a restricted number of accounts on the teacher post office?  These would be her current teachers.

Rich Molettiere
Technology Coordinator
Omaha North High School
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