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Dana Harrington harrinda at mctc.mnscu.edu
Thu Dec 13 04:33:10 UTC 2001

Luckily, I don't manage 80 GW servers, just one single GW mail server for our campuses.

My biggest test was to back up the server (using BE 8.x) in the middle of the day, restore to a test box, and test random mailboxes and address books.

To be thorough, you could look at the logs to see which databases were backed up while in use and test those accounts on the test box.

Like you, I have not had any problems restoring GW data.

Then again, maybe I have been lucky.



>>> "E-Mail Administrator" <EMAIL at co.pierce.wa.us> 12/12/01 01:28PM >>>
I keep wondering if I'm missing something here - we backup with Arcserve.  Always have, probably can't afford to change (80+ servers) (even though we are definitely not a fan of it).  I've never done anything special to insure GroupWise gets backed up (no open file manager, no CRON jobs, etc).  In fact, I'm not involved in setting up backup jobs at all - my network techs do it along with the department reps.  Our backups run in the middle of the night which means most users are off the network and/or out of GroupWise.

And yet, any time we have had to restore GroupWise data, I've never had a problem.  We've always gotten whatever was needed.  We just restore the wppost directory to another location and get the user into it or use the GroupWise restore utility.

What would indicate to me that I had a faulty backup given that we aren't doing anything to insure complete GroupWise backups?  Is it that you find that you can't get into a database when attempting to recover your GroupWise data?  Our LAN Administrators do check their logs and they are pretty good about reporting errors that they see in the logs - such as open files that didn't get backed up but I've never heard a peep from them about problems with backing up files in the WPPOST directory.

Is there something I'm missing, something else I should be doing before something goes wrong with my GroupWise databases?

Rochelle A. Adsitt
Pierce County Information Services

>>> christian.tauber at cjt.de 12/12/2001 7:34:01 am >>>
Haven't had need for their support to often - but they publish service packs on a regular basis and access to the service packs and their discussion forum is easy.


Christian Tauber
cjt Systemsoftware AG
Am See 14a
76297 Stutensee

Phone: +49-7244-734111
FAX  : +49-7244-734120
eMail: christian.tauber at cjt.de 

>>> Mherzli at zlbplasma.com 12.12.2001 16:19:47 >>>
How is TapeWare support?


Michael Herzlich
Information Technology
mherzli at zlbplasma.com 

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>>> gobermier at choctaweng.com 12/12/01 09:25AM >>>
We use a product called TapeWare from Yosemite (I think its really NovaNet by NovaStor under another name), and it has worked great for our small needs.  The two times we've used the disaster recovery option it has worked great.  Couldn't tell the before from the after except for open files that weren't backed up.  You just need to make sure you occasionally update your disaster recovery boot floppies (or CD-ROM), but it works as advertised- full NDS and all-volume restore.  We just haven't budgeted for their Open File Manager solution yet, since we typically only would lose some e-mail that may not be backed up yet.  Might not have all the bells and whistles of AS or BE, but I'll take stability & usability any day.  NEVER had a backup-related abend on our server since using it.  YMMV.

Greg Obermier
System Administrator

>>> BobMarques at don.com 12/11/2001 10:57:54 AM >>>
Thanks for the input on Backup software, has anyone needed
to perform a full restore with their software due to some disaster ?
Did it go well ??
Thanks again

>>> ACQUISTJ at lan.newpaltz.edu 12/11/01 09:51AM >>>
Backup exec 8.5 runs well here.  

Had some serious issues, but they turned out not to be BE's problem. 
In the end.  At least the "main" problem(s).

Their support was generally very good, with a tendency to be a bit
"pat" in their answers.

However, their support also introduced a problem related to the wrong
TSA's.  This was due to an inexplicable lapse in communications where
the NW rev and SP level was mis recorded.

Everybody makes mistakes, and this one cost me quite a lot, in various
ways.  But, I am not moved to change to another package.  Strange as
that may sound.

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