[ngw] Backup Software

Dennis Large dennis.large at louisville.edu
Thu Dec 13 15:05:16 UTC 2001

Someone smarter may have better info, but I believe the critical components would be the OFUSER, OFMSG, and OFFILES folders, to ensure full recovery capability, and the dms folders if used, whatever they're named. However, those folders should comprise probably 98% of the disk usage for the PO, so you may as well get the whole thing.
If you try to domething data specific, you'd then need to get various files from different backups, etc, just messy stuff in my mind. Better to treat it as a matched set.

>>> Brandon at kmsd.edu 12/13/01 09:57AM >>>
I like the idea of copy files to a separate directory and then bringing the PO back up to provide the least amount of downtime during nightly backups.  However, it is taking a considerable amount of time to copy the entire directory structure.  My question is what are the critical files/directories that should be copied so I do not have to duplicate the entire structure?

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