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Tony Vissoc tvissoc at scitexdpi.com
Thu Dec 13 16:54:39 UTC 2001

We use multiple PO's for organizational purposes.  One contains most of
our local employees.  Another contains only "remote" users.  This PO
expires mail at 365 days, rather than the standard 90.  I find it easier
to administer this way.  Ideally, these POs should be on their own
boxes, but if the server can handle it, why change it.

If you allocate your threads correctly, you should be ok.  Especially
with only 120 users.  We have 800, with around 400 connections usually.

I do agree with moving the gateways off of the main GW box.  It
definitly adds to the stability of the system.


>>> TMCKOWEN at bdo.com 12/13/01 11:26AM >>>
I would also relocate all your users to one post office.  It makes no
sense to have 4 separate PO's hogging resources for 120 users on one
server.  Even if the PO's are not heavily taxed, they still require
their own memory pool.  

 Also, I suggest you keep your old server, put a secondary domail on
it, and use it for your gateways.  With all the potential problems with
gateways, why leave all your eggs in one basket? 

My two cents worth....

Tom McKowen
Sr. Network Administrator
BDO Seidman, LLP
Grand Rapids, MI


>>> danita at caledonia.net 12/13/01 11:08AM >>>

I personally would move the existing system to your new server and
sure it is functioning properly before doing the upgrade.

As for the upgrade itself, yes, you should patch first and then do the
upgrade.  Just added this info to the upgrade book - basically, here's
what you do:

1.  Create a directory on your server where you want to establish the
created Software Distribution Directory that would have the Group-Wise
6 SP1 code installed to it. For example F:\GW601

2.  Download the file for GroupWise 6 Support Pack 1 to your
or a network drive. - WARNING - you will need over 300 Megabytes to
download this file. And the file expands to over 660 megabytes (so
that's almost a GIG if you have the downloaded file and the SDD on the
same drive). This file is a WINZIP file, not the usual DOS based file
that Novell traditionally uses when shipping patches. When prompted
where to unzip the software specify your GroupWise 6 Support Pack 1
Distribution Directory such as F:\GW601.  Do not expand over your
existing SDD - you will end up with extraneous files left there you
didn't need, and then it won't fit on a CD if you try to burn one

3.  After everything is unzipped you have what looks like a software
distribution directory off of F:\GW601. But the project is not

4.  Go to the F:\GW601\ADMIN directory and run the INSTALL.EXE.
After the license screen comes up a new dialog comes up and says:
"Before you Continue . . ." and the software wants to know where a
GroupWise 6 CD or a full GroupWise 6 Software Distribution Directory
is. Point to that CD or directory. After about a 5 second pause the
is ready to go, and the GW601 Software Distribution Directory is a
functional GroupWise Software Distribution Directory. You do not need
to proceed with the administration install until you are ready to do
You can just cancel out at this point.

Hope this helps.
>>> Al.Bray at usdwp.msu.edu 12/13/2001 8:00:28 AM >>>
The situation is this:

I have an existing GroupWise 5.5 Enhancement Pack system with 1
4 post offices, the GWIA, and WEB access components and approximatel

Currently this system is running on a single Netware 5.1 (SP3) system,
except for the Web access component which is being served up by IIS.

I am tasked with the following:

1)  Updating the 5.5 EP System to GroupWise 6.
2)  Moving the locations of the domain and PO databases off the
existing Netware 5.1 server to a new Netware 6 Server that has already
been set up and installed in the tree.  Originally we had thought
doing an across-the-wire migration from the 5 server to the 6 server
siince this was the first 6 server we were introducing into the tree,
thought it best to get the new server installed and all the little
nuances of 6 worked out before moving our mail system to this new

I am having trouble determining if I should do the upgrade first and
then move the system to the new server hardware, or move the system to
the new hardware first, make sure it's all functioning properly and do
the upgrade there.

Also looking for input on how to actually handle the upgrade.  Do I go
ahead and copy the released GroupWise 6 system CD to my local hard
drive, download SP1 for GroupWise 6, and apply the patch to the hard
drive copy of the CD,then use this patched software to do the upgrade.

Or am I better off just doing the upgrade with the  GroupWise 6
CD, and applying SP1 after the fact.

Some other info, currently we use the GWIA gateway and Web access
is being served up by an IIS server.  After all of this is done, the
novell hardware will be serving up the Web access piece via the
Web server that we already have running on the new Netware 6 box.

Tips and things to look out for while both doing the upgrade and
the system to new hardware are greatly appreciate.

- Al

Al Bray
Systems Analyst
University Services
Michigan State University
Phone: 517-355-0357 Ext. 161
Fax: 517-353-2024
email: bray at msu.edu 

Danita Zanrè
Caledonia Network Consulting
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