Cleaning virus off GroupWise itself??

Fenton Li fckli at
Thu Dec 13 17:33:43 UTC 2001

We are a new GW6 site on Netware, singel server.  My concerns is of cleaning viruses off the GW database itself.
Some email we imported into GW may be virus infected since we installed NAV Corp after GW.

I've reviewed briefly Guinevere and Gwava and they apparently filters for virus on transfer.  However it does not appear they will do viral checks on existing files in GW on demand.  Am I wrong in my understand?  If not, can anyone recommend a product/process to do on demand virus scanning in GroupWise?

Also, one point about Gwava confuses me. If Gwava is an agent that calls an anti-virus engine, isn't that the same as having a server-based anti-virus product on a single server environment?   

Any comments/enlightenment appreciated!

Fenton Li
Sr. Data Coord.
Weill Medical College
Office of Development

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