[ngw] MTASieve or GWAVA

Mark Nielsen manielse at advo.com
Thu Dec 13 17:43:07 UTC 2001

The biggest difference between the two products comes down to support and future enhancements. I know this whole thing is confusing but I do know that Josh and Mike are still working on GWAVA, I'm not sure about Sieve though (because I really don't know the deal between Mr. Gibbs and Mr. Chamberland). One of the most interesting things about GWAVA is that you'll still see pieces with the MTASieve name (for example block notices) that haven't been stripped yet..

For what it is worth, and if you haven't bought either product yet, I would suggest GWAVA due to support contracts alone. Most companies feel better knowing that they can call on a problem rather than going through a support forum (although extremely helpful). Just my two cents....

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>>> Donwil at mgc-mbc.com 12/13/01 11:53AM >>>

We are running GW6 and have been using MTAsieve for almost 2 years now. When I saw the GWAVA product announced I called them and they told me that they bought or licensed (don't remember which) the MTASieve product. So basically it is the same product with some enhancements. I inquired if I should change products and he said that it was not needed if the MTASieve products was working for us. Which it is. 

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>>> cdurnal at fwlaw.com 12/13/01 10:44AM >>>
I'm trying to decide between these two products to use with Netware 5 and Groupwise 5.5.3

Any suggestions, experiences, recommendations?


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