[ngw] MTA Live Remote

Douglas Rodriguez DRodriguez at counciltravel.com
Thu Dec 13 23:20:21 UTC 2001

That is exactly they way it's right now. Some users are able to connect but at some point they get disconnected.
>From what Novell is saying slow connectivity is an issue here.   

 Douglas Rodriguez
Technical Support @ CT

>>> trodgers at ducks.org 12/13/01 05:44PM >>>
Live remote works fine for us with GW5.5 EP w/ SP2 Padlock.
Make sure the connection (link) to / from the poa to the mta is IP and that the MTA Startup file has the port (8000 is default) enabled. (/liveremote-8000)

Todd Rodgers
CCNA, MCSE, CNA-4, Groupwise CNA-5, CCA
Manager of Network Operations
trodgers at ducks.org 
Ducks Unlimited, Inc.

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>>> DRodriguez at counciltravel.com 12/13/01 04:35PM >>>
My remote users are having problems connecting to their mailbox remotely.
We are using  Live Remote Connection feature for EP version GW 5.5
They connection says connecting to mail server but it sits there forever with no results.
I know that  Novell fix is to migrate to GW 6.0.
Is there any other fix to this problem beside the above?

Thank you        

Douglas Rodriguez
Technical Support @ CT

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