[ngw] ArcServe

Bert Sinclair BSinclair at rmin.riss.net
Fri Dec 14 18:55:33 UTC 2001

No, all my data!

>>> bfiero at cl-law.com 12/14/01 09:58AM >>>
Just in case this is what is happening...is it only Groupwise data you are backing up to this drive? GW data is already compressed.

>>> BSinclair at rmin.riss.net 12/14/01 10:01AM >>>
BOY! I sure could use your help, Chris. For Eight months, they (CAI) and I can't understand why our job can't compress. We have a Compaq DL380 server with a AIT Tape drive. Using AIT 35/70 tapes, this system is new (8 months old). The NOS is NetWare 5.1 sp2a. We had Compaq switch out the tape drive, done about everything CAI asked us to do! We still can't compress data beyond 34gs! Any ideas, we would be grateful to you!!!! 

Thank you, very much.

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