[ngw] NW 4.11

Dawn Drake draked at upstate.edu
Fri Dec 14 19:32:03 UTC 2001

We have many servers that are 4.11 and are patched to sp9.  We did not have
any problems or issues, we have MTAs (, padlocked), GWIA (an ftf
file, can't remember offhand which one) and API gateway (4.1d) on a 4.11 sp9
box.  Some of our padlocked POAs are on 4.11 sp9 servers, too.



>>> elanyon at rfi.com 12/14/01 12:49:37 PM >>>
Looks like I am applying SP9 to my NetWare 4.11 servers on Sunday.  Yeah, I
am still on 4.11.  I am just a bit concerned that it might (for some strange
odd reason) break MTA and GWIA.  I am running GW w/Padlock.  Anyone
come across any issues with SP9 or have any advice?



Eric Lanyon, MCP
Network Administrator
RFI Enterprises, Inc.

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