[ngw] Cleaning virus off GroupWise itself??

Fenton Li fckli at med.cornell.edu
Fri Dec 14 20:47:00 UTC 2001

Thx, Mark.
I really appreciate your early description of GW.
It dispelled a few shadows.

So it sounds like the GW db is simply (a set of) encrypted files. And queries/index are all external program calls?
If that's the case, worm activities has no impact since data will hit the anti-virus agent once it passes into the file system.

Fenton Li
Sr. Data Coord
Weill Medical College
Office of Development

>>> Mark Nielsen<manielse at advo.com> 12/14/01 03:10PM >>>
Database maintenance has never spawn a worm even in Exchange up to date.

Mark Nielsen
Sr. Network & Services Engineer
GroupWare Services, ADVO Inc.
manielse at advo.com 

>>> fckli at med.cornell.edu 12/14/01 12:18PM >>>
Thx everyone for the advices on GW and anti-virus software.

I understand the point regarding GW database encryption so certainly file scan on the server level is non-sensical and even destructive.
Also that desktop virus scanners and agents working as an intermediate between GW and GWIA should do the trick in stopping further infection and spread of viruses.

But it does sound like there is no way to remove existing viruses in GW administratively.

My main concern then is with worms. I think they can be active without being accessed.  If that assumption is right and they are in GW, how do you deal with them if the worm-laden messages can only be cleaned upon opening??  My main fear is database corruption working from within.  Or GW runs all database maintainance activity i.e. cataloging, indexing,...etc outside of the database so worm activity is not an issue?

Thx again to all for the insightful tips and comments.
Fenton Li
Sr. Data Coord.
Weill Medical College
Office of Development

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