[ngw] Proxy Access - global settings for Appointments -Read?

Aldo Zanoni aldo at nmasters.com
Sat Dec 15 20:28:54 UTC 2001

Yes, GW-CPU (Common Proxy Update) was released August 1, 2001.  www.omniclass.net


>>> manielse at advo.com 2001/12/13 5:00:00 PM >>>

No easy answer at this moment but keep an eye out for GW-CPU (GroupWise Common Proxy Update) at http://www.omniclass.net/ under GWUtilities. I haven't talked to these guys for a while but I think the product is almost complete.

Mark Nielsen
Sr. Network & Services Engineer
GroupWare Services, ADVO Inc.
manielse at advo.com

>>> Roger.Gill at maf.govt.nz 12/13/01 06:18PM >>>
I have been tasked to find out ......


Proxy Access
<Minimum User Access>

If the check box  Appointments - Read  

I don't know of any way... Does anyone know of a globale of turning on by default for all users like the cleanup options can be set?

Running GW5.5.4

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