Problem with GW6.0.1 on NT4

AnnaMarie DeBruin AnnaMarie.DeBruin at
Tue Dec 18 05:30:20 UTC 2001

Problem with GW6.0.1 on NT.
I upgrade from GW5541 to GW6.0 with no problem on the NT server. Then I
applied the GW6.1sp.  The POA on the NT server keeps on getting a DR
Watson error.  Then I did the following:
1. Uninstall and re-install (x5) 
2. Rename the queue's on the POA (wpscin\out)
3. Rebuild the wpdomain and wphost
4. Run ofchecks on the POA
5. Re-install and it is still not working.
6. Uninstall GW6.0.1 and re-install GW6.0 and the POA and MTA is up and
running for 5 days.
9 Branches was update at the same time, 8 off them are working.The
configuration on all the NT servers are the same( NT4sp6).  We are not
only running GroupWise on this servers the users application are also
running from this server.
Any ideas?
     Anna-Marie de Bruin
     Netware and GroupWise Administrator
     South African Reserve Bank
     Tel:+27 012 313 4344
     Cell: 082 802 6992
     E-mail: Annamarie.debruin at
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