[ngw] Off Topic (but not really)

Yannick Biloque ybiloque at europarl.eu.int
Wed Dec 19 14:00:42 UTC 2001

Our biggest problem with virus are the amount of messages we receive without attachment.

>>> trodgers at ducks.org 19/12/01 14:44:11 >>>
Same here!   When someone calls us about a virus and if it took down our system, we say "What virus?   We haven't gotten any viruses"....our only exposure to viruses is what we read on the web!

>>> G.Ross at ccw.gov.uk 12/19/01 07:41AM >>>
My boss has be gloating recently, because our e-mail system hasn't been
down at all with viruses, yet everyone else seems to have to take down
their system for a day or so to "clean-up" after viruses.


>>> trodgers at ducks.org 19/12/2001 13:08:27 >>>
I'll take security over functionality any day of the week.  What good
is functionality if you are down most of the time trying to clean
viruses off of an Exchange server?

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