[ngw] Backup Software

Poul Lausen PLA at ekj.dk
Wed Dec 19 16:07:29 UTC 2001

Yep! Tried it on my old NW4.11 server, but stopped because of extreme bad performance of the backup. As I recall, the backup was slowed down 10 times.
The local representative couldn't help, but my own theory was, that the Agent Accelerator was bound to TCP but the backup used IPX.


>>> bfeder at timeequities.com 19-12-01 15:37 >>>
Has anybody tried using Veritas' open file manager?

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>>> trodgers at ducks.org 12/11/01 10:14AM >>>
We are using Veritas Backupexec with wonderful results.  We use a cron job to shut down the POA agents during backup and then to restart the agents after backup.

Has "saved my bacon" countless times....


>>> BobMarques at don.com 12/11/01 09:12AM >>>
Looking for info on what backup software seems to be
"the best" for Novell 5.x and GroupWise 5.x combinations.

What have you experienced ? Arcserve 7 ., Backup Exec or
some other option ?

I've been using Arcserve for 5 years and this latest version
is not that great. Support has been terrible. 24hrs+ for a return call.

Thanks for your help.


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