[ngw] GWIA domain message size

Roger Gill Roger.Gill at maf.govt.nz
Wed Dec 19 19:27:54 UTC 2001

We have had this on our GW5.5SP4 system - fixed when deleted the GWIA object/directories and recreated...

>>> bgibb at westerlyhospital.org 20/12/01 02:09:11 >>>
Does anyone know if there is a specific limit to the size that an MTA will use to move mail around.  I am having trouble with my secondary domain (which has my GWIA) getting mail into the primary domain.  Daily, sometimes as many as 20 - 30 times, the MTA will error out on a message, and all mail stops moving in.  When that happens we find a message file larger than the others in the 4 directory (under the MSHOLD).  It seems to hang more often on a file that is over 1Meg, however, sometimes the file is as small 150K.  The majority of the files are in the 10 - 20 K range.

This just started after a crash about a week ago.  It may be a corrupt file, but, unfortunately taking the Internet mail off line for an extended period of time to work on it, is starting to become an issue.  


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