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Dondi Williams donwil at mgc-mbc.com
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Think we should look a little deeper at the  statement "...at web serving, nothing beats linux/apache...". I believe the latest tests show that NetWare 6 and (forgot the web server) were the fastest by a considerable margin. I will look for the document and source stating this and post it when I find it.

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>>> cbromley at home.com 12/19/01 18:59 PM >>>
Another 'Novell should market better' thread.. woohoo! I agree, however, they should market better.  They've been getting beat up by MS enough.. *I* am tired of trying to defend Novell from the bosses that only know M$...yet, I do so on a daily basis...

Thank god for their price cuts for education and upgrade prices, or we'd be using Exchange right now and hiring more people just to take care of it.... *whew*

Anyway, I have ALWAYS thought that one of the things Novell needs to do is buy a company whose product is on every desktop.  McAffee or Symantec virus scanning products, etc.. that way, at least people become FAMILIAR with the name Novell.  Not enough upper management is even familiar with the name.. yet, they see Microsoft every tme they turn their computer on..That's the biggest marketing scheme M$ has going, and noone can touch it!

At any rate, I'd love to see Novell make a REALLY big deal about their server software, and issue a public challenge to M$ to compete in a variety of tests against Netware, publically.  Make sure that every magazine, tv show etc knows of the challenge, and wait for the response... they won't show up because they would lose.. but it might make a strong point if the challenge could be well known... 

However, no matter how much advertising goes out there.. the true techs of the world still have the same ideas... for database serving, NT is good at it.. for web serving, nothing beats linux/apache... for file and print sharing/network security, netware all the way.

Problem is.. Novell markets to the techies.... Microsoft markets to their bosses.

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  Absolutely correct! I couldn't say it better.

  They should also to the same type of spot for cluster services: a server loses power (blown breaker while vacumning would be good), services fail to a new server (in a different building maybe??), while users don't even notice, and the big $ transaction makes it through without so much as a hickup. 

  Wouldn't that be cool to see....!!!!

  >>> manielse at advo.com Wednesday, December 19, 2001 1:05:37 PM >>>

  I completely agree. Although I love the site, it really is unprofessional for a company like Novell. You'd expect this type of tactic for some young Internet startup that is trying to make a name for themselves. It almost makes them look desperate and struggling to stay alive.

  That being said, Novell has to figure out a way to promote the quality of software they provide and the weaknesses of competitive products. Yes we know M$ puts misleading statements in their promotional ads and Novell needs to prove them wrong, but that is *NOT* the way you sell your product. I'm not saying to turn the cheek but you can't sell programs, political campaigns, etc with negative advertising as your main channel.

  Novell needs to go back to the commercial and magazine ideas only explain things better than capturing fireflies! I was really hoping that the Cambridge merger was going to address this but they haven't so far. How hard is it to create a commercial on NetWare showing a quite office environment and then show the 'other guy' running around like crazy rebooting boxes? Or how hard is it to focus on Sales Department coming into work one day and ZENWorks is updating the latest critical application, a non-technical HR person getting over-the-shoulder support from the help desk and IT has an inventory of all software on a machine. You can do the same with GroupWise, DirXML, BorderManager, etc.....

  The point is GET YOUR PRODUCTS OUT THERE! Yes, an average TV viewer may not understand everything but they will know that this is good stuff and they need it in their company. It's like the IBM commercials, if your CIO see them enough, they'll get interested an take a look.

  Novell : iNNovatioN powered by techNology that works!

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  >>> dschostag at lindquist.com 12/19/01 01:29PM >>>

  I recieved this as well, however I'm not impressed.  Why is Novell resorting to such childish behavior?  Don't get me wrong, I love Novell products and defend them every chance I get, but this seems a bit over the top.  Not very professional.

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  >>> Eric at sentgroup.com 12/19/2001 12:23:59 PM >>>
  Anyone else receive the attached?  Finally, something assertive . . . Now they just have to figure out how to clue in the decision-makers (the non-tech people who watch M$ TV ads and read M$ ads in mainstream publications) 


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