GW6 Webaccess on Apache / Tomcat

Mike Brady mbrady at
Thu Dec 20 14:45:38 UTC 2001

Hi folks, I followed TID10065572 on setting up Webaccess on Tomcat and
Apache (using Netware 6).  I followed the instruction exactly, but it is
not working.  I get an error screen when trying to access the servlet. 
Here is the exact error "File does not exist: login.httCannot load file:
login.htt."  If I check my webaccess logs, I see this:
9:32:00, <TPLT>, -, ERROR, -, Exception encountered compiling template:
9:32:00, <MERGE>, -, INFO, -, Cannot load file: login.htt.

I verified that the directory exists, and that the login.htt template
is there.  Not sure where to go next.  Thanks for any help.


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