[ngw] 820E Errors and Follow Up on Move of GroupWise System andupgrade to GroupWise 6

Simon Shilton Simon.Shilton at hepworth-acoustics.co.uk
Thu Dec 20 17:22:52 UTC 2001


we had a similar problem after moving to GW6 and 6sp1 on a NW50sp3
server with NSS - lots of 820e file lock errors

found the recent TID on NSS startup options for GroupWise servers -
works like an absolute charm, most if not all 820e errors are history,
and document retrieval from the libraries has massively improved in


all the best

>>> Al.Bray at usdwp.msu.edu 14:44:33 20/12/01 >>>
As you may remember, about a week ago I posted a message that I was
tasked with moving our GroupWise 5.5EP system to a new server and
upgrading it to GroupWise 6 SP1.

Well the move to the new hardware and the upgrade went fairly smoothly
with only a couple of bumps in the road that were eventually resolved.

However I am now experiencing a problem and am pretty sure that I have
seen somone else mention this but did keep track of the resolution if
one was found.

The last two mornings I have had one or two users come to me and say
they could not access their GroupWise mailbox (today it was my boss).

In both cases I took at look at the POA screen and found the following

09:12:14 3CF The database facility reported error [820E] on userr73.db

I went into Netware monitor and saw that this users database had
several open connections to it despite the fact the user was unable to
access GroupWise.

Dowing the POA for the post office this user was in and then
the POA cleared the connections and allowed the user to get into their
GroupWise account.

I am trying to figure out what is not releasing the connections to the
user's database and how to eliminate the 820E errors.

I should mention that the new hardware that this system was moved to
a Netware 6 server with NSS volumes.  Previously we were running it on
Netware 5 SP3 server with Traditional File System Volumes.  The server
itself is a Dell 2500 R server with Dual 933mhz Processors and 1gig of
ram.  The hard drive sub system has been set up with 4 18 Gig hard
drives, in a Raid 10 (striped array whose segments are RAID 1 arrays)

Any clues as to why the 820E problems?

- Al

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