[ngw] Mailbomb-Gwia hacked through telnet

Mark Nielsen manielse at advo.com
Thu Dec 20 17:35:12 UTC 2001

If you do this, you will disable mail coming into your system.

Mark Nielsen
Sr. Network & Services Engineer
GroupWare Services, ADVO Inc.
manielse at advo.com

>>> elanyon at rfi.com 12/20/01 12:24PM >>>
If they are "hacking" GWIA from the outside, block the port on the firewall.

>>> chad at Capitalcityfruit.com 12/20/01 07:18AM >>>
My email server was hit by a mailbomb the other day.  Apparently there is a "feature" built into the gwia that allows you to Telnet directly into the gwia and drop in messages.  This supposed to be for testing.  

The problem I am having is someone is telneting into my gwia and dropping in several thousand messages.  using my server as a relay server.  I have relaying disabled and I have gwia field test patch for sp4 installed.  

I am running GW 5.5 EP sp2.  Has anyone else had this problem or now how to disable this feature?  

I do have Guinevere set to delete the messages as they come in but, this is still eating up bandwidth.  I want to prevent them from coming in at all.

I seen a TID on Novell describes a way to disable this "feature" in GroupWise 6.  Can anyone confirm this?  Danita??



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