[ngw] GW 6 trial

Ken Martin kem at carteret.cc.nc.us
Sat Dec 22 03:36:31 UTC 2001

I just asked this in one of the Usenet groups and was told that all you will need to do is copy the snapins from the full version cd to your c1 directory.  I have just installed the eval version of gw6 and will need to switch it to the full version.  After the cd arrives and I give it a try I'll let you know if there were any problems.

Kenneth E. Martin
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kem at carteret.cc.nc.us
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>>> William.Holman at co.sherburne.mn.us 12/21/01 09:08 AM >>>
I received a trial version of GW6 and decided to try it out, well it's impressive. They haven't changed the face a whole lot, but it's running like a top on a very small box!

I have a stupid question though.... how do I install the full blown version on the box? Is it possible to re-install or maybe even do a fresh install now that it has extended NDS?

If all else fails I'll just blow the server away and start it over.... (test environments are great aren't they...=))

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