[ngw] Palm sync with Groupwise

Christian Tauber christian.tauber at cjt.de
Thu Dec 27 16:20:46 UTC 2001


I use SyncWise by Toffa Ltd. - I haven't lost any items so far :-) - http://www.toffa.com/

Kind regards

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>>> pascal_bellerose at rolland.ca 27.12.2001 17:07:24 >>>

Anyone knows a software that sync a Palm with Groupwise EP5.5 Calendar without losing alarms and recursive items?

I tried Intellisync Enterprise ed. 5 and I lose alarms and recursive items.  Maybe it'S something I'm doing wrong...

need help here...
thanks in advance 

Pascal Bellerose
Responsable exploitation de site TI/IT site manager
ext: 8507
pascal_bellerose at rolland.ca

Fibres Breakey, division de Rolland inc.
739, St-Augustin
Breakeyville, Qc., Can.
G0S 1E2
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