[ngw] GroupWise 6 GWIA setup with smtp and pop

William Lester walester at ninthbridge.org
Thu Dec 27 22:43:50 UTC 2001

If you are running the GWIA on a Microsoft box, then take a look at a product called DNS2GO. http://dns2go.deerfield.com/
It might solve your problem. It's free, for now, and it works for us. (I am not related to the company that makes this product).
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>>> greg at steadfast.ca 12/26/01 02:23PM >>>
I have a small business server running GW6, with no static IP on the internet and no public domain name on the server.  At present we are using the clients in remote mode, locally configuring each client for pop/smtp.  Is someone able to explain how to setup the GWIA to do this for me, ie; go to the internet and get the mail incoming, also send my outgoing mail.  At present if my clients are online, any outgoing internet messages are unresolved at the client and go no where. 

Appreciate the assistance, thanks.  Greg

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