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Brian Volpone bvolpone at luthercare.org
Fri Dec 28 16:00:47 UTC 2001

Can't you use the dos copy command to cat all the files together

copy log1.log+log2.log+log3.log biglog.log

A bit manual but it works. You could probably make a batch file to do

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>>> "Brian Allison" <BAllison at magid.com> 12/13/01 08:49AM >>>
I have noticed that my various log files, POA, MTA, GWIA are always
into 128kb chunks.  For example on any given day I may 8 x 128kb log
covering different times of the days.

When I am searching for something, it would be easier if these 8 were
combined into 1 large log file, even if that files reached 2-3mb in

I can't seem to find a setting anywhere in C1 that allows me to adjust
this.  I am running GW6 w/SP1, but I know this was happening in GW6 and
before that in GW5.5.

Is this a changable parameter and where do I make the change in the


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