help with GWIA on Win2Kserver

Tony Vissoc tvissoc at
Fri Dec 28 15:55:42 UTC 2001

I'm creating a test GroupWise system.  Here is the config:

Win2K Server with SP2, workgroup mode, no DNS/DHCP/WINS.  Running Edir
Network config, two nics, one for LAN and one tied to cable modem. 
Enabled MS Internet connection sharing to allow LAN to use cable modem. 
Works fine.
Installed GW6 system, MTA, POA, GWIA, Webaccess.

Have an MX pointing to IP of my internet NIC.

LAN using non routable auto-asigned IP's.

Here's the problem.  I cannot get GWIA to send email.  It does not seem
to be able to resolve names.  It will receive emails sent to the domain
name, so the MX routing fine.

I CAN ping by name, so DNS is working.  I think the issue is with the
internet connection sharing piece, but I'm not sure.

Any hints, tips, gotchas, etc?  I bet I could resolve this by moving
the server and connecting directly to the lan, but this config is


Tony Vissoc

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