WebAccess 6 enhancements

Holly Newman Holly.Newman at KJMAIL.COM
Fri Dec 28 17:10:53 UTC 2001

I upgraded WebAccess last night.  Since that's the first component I've done that the users actually can touch and feel (no client yet), I want to make an announcement.  I've taken a look through the interface and come up with the following enhancements.  The comparison on Novell's site doesn't give any specifics, just that it is 'enhanced' over v55EP.  Thanks for nothing.

― New 'skin' - reflects a more subtle color scheme - hey, that's important, right?
― 'Read Later' button - returns your message to unread status
― Many more Options - previously, all you could do was change your password. Now you can:
	― work with your Rules - create, enable, disable, etc.
	― change your Signature settings
	― change your Time Zone so your appointments be adjusted if you are traveling
― Use Signatures  on new mail
― Create new Address Books

Does anybody have any others I can throw out to the users?


Holly Newman
Network Services Manager
Kendall-Jackson Wine Estates

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