[ngw] console one vs.nwadmin

Gordon Ross G.Ross at ccw.gov.uk
Fri Dec 28 21:19:06 UTC 2001

I'd go a step further and say that, at times, you HAVE to use NWAdmin
with GWise 6. (Where are the C1 snapins for things like the API or async
gateway ?)

Like Holly said, though, don't do any DB maintenance via NWAdmin <g>


>>> Holly.Newman at KJMAIL.COM 12/27/01 07:33pm >>>
Well, actually you CAN use NWAdmin to administer GW6.  All you have to
do to protect the databases from corruption is to tag the *.dc files
read-only in the domain and po directories.  

What you CANNOT is perform database maintenance using NWAdmin.

>>> peter.vanlone at mbtmadison.com 12/27/01 08:27AM >>>
NO -- you CANNOT use nwadmin to manage gw6 -- you can still use it to
do all
non-gw things, but it is best once you have gw6 installed to re-name
delete the GW snapin for nwadmin -- 

They say that using this snapin can result in old template files being
copied to the domain and po directories -- which would be a real

The new console 1 works fine (in my humble opinion) and if all you need
helpdesk staff to do is change NDS passwords then the password utils
great and they never need to use console 1


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