[ngw] 5.5ep SP3 and Address Book problem

Greg Gonzalez GGONZALEZ at stroock.com
Sat Dec 29 12:01:58 UTC 2001

Where did you get SP3b? Novell is only showing SP3A

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>>> ybiloque at europarl.eu.int 12/19/01 10:14AM >>>
Here 5.5 EP SP3b and can't reproduce the bug.

>>> ad at ramaz.org 19/12/01 15:51:34 >>>
This is an interesting bug and I have had a friend test it on his system and the same thing happens:

Running the client if you fill a name in the To: field and a name in the CC: field and before hitting enter or "," to add a second name you hit the Address Book button, the client freezes and eventually errors out closing GW. Can anyone else replicate this - or have an answer? I tried searching the Knowledgebase but couldn't find any thing.


Avi Davidowitz
Ramaz School

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