[ngw] error with Software Distribution Directory when installingGW55e sp2

Craig Lyndes craig at sburl.k12.vt.us
Wed Jan 3 20:40:05 UTC 2001

I also had a problem.  I created a new SDD on my hard drive, starting with the original GroupWise 5.5, then adding 5.5 EP then SP2.  That allowed me to run the setup on everything.

I still had a problem with Webaccess.  It was not working.  I followed TID 10054953 to clear out the previous installation, re-installed and it failed on creating the NDS object for webaccess.  I finally found TID 10019228 which lead me through creating the NDS object manually.  There is no way I would have figured out what needed doing without that TID.

SP2 is a really rotted upgrade.  Shame on Novell!!!

Craig Lyndes
S. Burlington School District

>>> tarik at gonzaga.org 01/03/01 06:56AM >>>

Has anyone encountered trouble patching GW 55e service pack 1 to service pack 2 with an error with the software distribution directory? I have tried replacing the software distribution directory, repatching it with SP1 (as suggested by some novell TID's), and retrying the service pack 2 with no luck.

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