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Josh Gibbs jgibbs at imailds.com
Wed Jan 3 22:16:07 UTC 2001

Hi All,

Another option available shortly from the creator of Guinevere in
a joint venture with Digital Integration is MTASieve.  This will be
in full release most likely next week and will perform the essentials
that Guinevere does, but as an NLM on the server.  It also interfaces
with the MTA, not the GWIA so the scope for attachment blocking,
size limiting etc. is widened, especially for larger organisations.

You can download the trial from www.imailds.com.


Ted Christopher wrote:

> Ok, I stand corrected. But for the price, and the ease of implementation, you have to hand it to Guinevere.  Mimesweeper is expensive.
> >>> Ralph.Lock at bsi-global.com 1/3/2001 2:17:50 PM >>>
> But those of us who use MimeSweeper may beg to differ....
> We run it with Sophos Sweep, and use it to block viruses, movies,
> executables, etc.  Rather than blocking by file extension. it analyses
> the file content and uses the file header to identify the type.  It
> peels open Zip files like an onion, and works very smoothly.  We have it
> running on an NT box between the GWIA and the firewall, and it also
> stops the problems we have seen with spam relay.
> Updates are very easy, simply updating the IDEs or upgrading the
> antivirus software, without going anywhere near a GroupWise server.
> We have also found our support company extremely helpful and capable -
> and there are lots of people out there using it who contribute to the
> forums on their web site.
> Regards,
> Ralph Lock
> GroupWise/Network Admin
> British Standards Institution
> +44 (0) 208 996 7867
> >>> Ted.Christopher at tlc.state.tx.us 03/01/2001 17:01:15 >>>
> Yes, it's the best product I'm sure everyone who uses it will agree.
> >>> harrinda at mctc.mnscu.edu 1/3/2001 10:39:53 AM >>>
> http://www.indecon.com/guinevere/
> >>> "Todd Rodgers" <trodgers at ducks.org> 01/03/01 10:40AM >>>
> Can anyone point me to a web site to get Guinevere?  The links on the
> Novell page seem to be out of date.
> Is this the best product to catch Viruses coming in through GWIA as
> attachments?
> Thanks,
> Todd Rodgers
> CCNA, MCSE, CNA-4, Groupwise CNA-5, MCP, MCP+I
> Manager of Network Operations
> trodgers at ducks.org
> Ducks Unlimited, Inc.

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