[ngw] Adding users to dist list with API

Kevin Parris KPARRIS at SDE.State.SC.US
Wed Jan 3 22:27:36 UTC 2001

The API gateway can be rather picky about things...  I don't have an answer for your dist list question, since we don't deal with those through the gateway.  But for your other question, if you're working on some programmatic generation of API input files, I suggest the best way is simply to repeat the example for each user, and feed the gateway several files with one transaction for a single user in each.  The formal syntax allows for placing multiple transactions in a single file, too, and may work out OK too.

>>> tvissoc at scitexdpi.com 01/03/01 02:06PM >>>
Is it safe to add users to a dist list using API gateway with GW5.5 Enh?  Anyone have a sample API file for me to look at?  The examples in the docs show how to add one user.  What's the best way (syntax) to add multiples?



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