[ngw] Reply (Discussion Thread)

Brian Anderson anderbr at auburn.edu
Thu Jan 4 20:58:26 UTC 2001

It's a shared folder thing.

>>> lbinner at jjkeller.com 01/04/01 02:52PM >>>
I have a user who is requesting that an external entity account which
we use for our Help Desk calls be changed so that when she chooses to
Reply to a sender that the Reply Window be normal, NOT with the Reply to
original discussion topic/Reply to selected subject/Reply privately.

I realize that this reply has something to do with Discussion Threads,
however, this account does not have Discussion Threads chosen as the way
it prefers to view.

This account does have a rule that forward all new mail to a shared
folder (so others can check Help Desk calls)...does it have something to
do with this?


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