E-mail and computer use policy statements

Tom Yates tyates at aldridge-borden.com
Thu Jan 4 22:48:15 UTC 2001

Happy New Year to all!

Certainly many of you work in environments with written policies regarding e-mail and computer/network use.  I was wondering if any of you who have such documents, and are in a position that allows you to share such information, would mind forwarding a copy to me.  I have created an Internet Usage policy built around Elron's Internet Usage template, but I am currently looking for examples of e-mail and general computer/network usage policies, as well as security-specific policies which may have been implemented as company/institution-wide policy,  placed in a company's policy manual, and/or which must be acknowledged/signed by each employee.  I need to create these policies and guidelines for inclusion in our company policy manual, which is being updated and re-issued shortly.

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