[ngw] How much storage does calendar info take?

Dave Strickler Dstrickler at emailsolutions.com
Sat Jan 6 22:27:03 UTC 2001

It takes the same (give or take a few bytes) as an email message does.
GroupWise sees these as types of the same root massage format.

What you need to worry about is that in any given day, a user might get
- lets say - 100 new messages. Now if they get 100 new calendar items in
a day, they have a larger problem <g>

Worry about purging your email, and don't sweat the small amount of
calendar entries.

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>>> harrinda at mctc.mnscu.edu 01/06/01 04:43PM >>> 

GW 5.5.2 

Can anyone shed some light on how much storage space calendar info
takes? Is it storage-intensive, or minimal? 

My thought is that calendar info takes very little space in the message
store vs. what email takes. 

But I simply don't know, and need to get a handle on this for planning. 

We delete email after 60 days, but need a longer period for calendars. 

Any suggestions are welcome. 



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