[ngw] Heads up on NW51SP2A Problems

Al Hidalgo AHidalgo at salud.unm.edu
Mon Jan 8 13:34:13 UTC 2001

We are running NW 5.1 SP2A with several GroupWise servers at v5.54e MTA's & POA's and have not had any problems. 

What are the issues that you are hearing about.?

Al Hidalgo, MCNE
Senior Analyst
Information Systems
UNM Medical Center
ahidalgo at salud.unm.edu

>>> manielse at advo.com 1/8/01 5:34:19 AM >>>

Just for everyones info, I'm hearing from other newsgroups about problems with the new service pack for NetWare 5.1.

>From the GroupWise Side, I've heard that the GroupWise agents (including the GWIA and WEB) are having problems reloading on some servers. In desperation they had to bring in CNE consultants and they spent 2.5 days getting us operational again. Novell blames NICI encryption changes and needed updates but they didn't install properly either.

Now being this was from one company, you must take this with a grain of salt but my advise is to stay away from your GroupWise servers on NW5.1 for another month or so in case a new patch arrives. I know we all can not afford to spend 2.5 days of email downtime.

Mark Nielsen
Sr. Messaging & Network Engineer
GroupWare Services, ADVO Inc.
(860) 285-6456

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