TCP/Msg Handler Threads

Lori Binner lbinner at
Wed Jan 10 18:06:28 UTC 2001

I have a GroupWise 5.2.4 system on Hp Netserver LX Pros, Pentium 200Mhx, 512MB Ram (One domain, two post offices, thus 2 of the HP servers. We have been experiencing delays, slowness, user lock-ups, etc. We don't use Document Management but do have users who are scheduling some rather intensive auto-dates, busy searches, etc. Because of this I'm looking at our POA configurations for TCP and Message Handler threads for each post office.

On the POA screen it shows a information for Busy. (Busy 0:0)

Can someone confirm for me that the info preceding the : is for Tcp/Ip threads and the info after the : is for Message Handler Threads?

Looking at our POA screen we seem to be averaging 669 active user connections on each post office. We have our TCP Message Handler Threads set at 14 and Message Handler Threads at 16. Based on "The Ultimate GroupWise PO Configuration Guide and Health Check" at Cool Solutions, it almost appears that I should have my TCP Handlers at approximately 20 and then make sure my Message Handlers are at half of TCP setting (10).

Wondering if anyone has any words of wisdom or thoughts whether changing these settings may solve our performance problems. Or could I make things only worse (these servers are 3 years old).

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