External users in distribution list

markn at mailbag.com markn at mailbag.com
Thu Jan 11 19:40:37 UTC 2001

We want to include outside personnel with internet addresses in distribution 
lists.  We followed the steps in TID 10010303, creating an external foreign 
domain and PO and then adding users there with gateway aliases for the internet 
Now when one of those users replies to a message it comes back in the form of 
Firstname(space)Lastname at ourdomain.com and replies to that message can't be 
delivered because he is not a gw user in our domain.
GW users also end up with Frequent Contact entries for firstname(space)
lastname.ExPO.EXDO at ourdomain.com
Is there a config piece that I'm missing?
Is there a better way to get outside addresses included in the system so they 
can be included in a distribution list?


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